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Ford F-550 Ball Joints (2010-2014)
Ford F-550 Ball Joints (2010-2014)

Ford F-550 Ball Joints (2010-2014)

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Motorcraft ball joints offer high quality by design. They feature:

Hardened metal stud
Heat-treated for excellent strength and durability, feature the use of castle nuts and cotter pins
Full ball design
Allows smooth motion to maintain precise alignment and improved handling
Polymer bearing design
Where applicable, encapsulates the ball stud and eliminates heavy preloads to reduce steering effort and minimize wear
Grease fittings
Where applicable, allow lubrication for future maintenance
Magnesium phosphate coating
Provides a rust-preventative finish to extend shelf life
Oversized housing
Provides a better fit for vehicles with slightly worn control arms
Sealed boots
Feature steel retaining rings, where applicable, to protect joints from contaminants and water
Directional grease escapements
Allow old grease to be flushed out during maintenance